Hala Al-Abdallah

Syrian Arab Republic

Hala Alabdalla (born 1956 in Hama) is a Syrian cinematographer and director. She currently lives in Paris producing movies. She is known for Je suis celle qui porte les fleurs vers sa tombe, I Am She who Brings the Flowers to her Grave. As a young woman, Hala was highly involved in politics. She was arrested at the age of 20 and spent 14 months in jail. Later she moved to Paris with her husband, Youssef Abdelke. There she decided to embark in cinema, and contacted her friends Amiralay, Malas and Mohammad for guidance. Their advice, to let the idea go, only increased her passion grow and determination.


I am the one who brings flowers to her Grave
Hala Al-Abdallah. 2006. Syrian Arab Republic. vo Arabic. s French. 105’