Jayce Salloum



Introduction to the End of an Argument: Speaking for Oneself... / Speaking for Others
Elia Suleiman, Jayce Salloum. 1990. United States of America, Palestina. vo Àrab, Anglès. s Castellà. 41’

Untitled Part 1: Everything and Nothing
Jayce Salloum. 2001. Canada, France, Lebanon. vo Francès. 41’

Untitled part 2: Beauty and the east
Jayce Salloum. 1999. Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia. vo Croatian, Serbian. 51’

Untitled part 3b (as if) Beauty Never Ends
Jayce Salloum. 2002. Canada, Lebanon. s Castellà. 11’

Untitled Part 4: terra (in)cognita
Jayce Salloum. 2005. Canada. vo Anglès. 38’