David Weissman

United States of America

David Weissman – producer and co-director of the cockettes has been making oddball short films since the mid-1980s. This almost-complete collection includes: complaints, in which 32 diverse people sing about what irks them; beauties without a cause – evil drag queens on a rampage; 976- , an alternative to safe sex; The step – a revolutionary faces reality; Song from an Angel – Rodney Price’s moving last song-and-dance prior to his death from AIDS; HIV: un-infected ≠ un-affected – a compilation of AIDS prevention PSAs; Mothers – a clash in the park between “decent” moms and “wild” moms; and two film festival promos – Dancing Jews with Wacky Shoes and The Short, Short, Trailer.

976 Dish
David Weissman. 1987. United States of America. vo English. 2’

Song From an Angel
David Weissman. 1988. United States of America. vo English. 4’