Mounir Fatmi. 2002. France. No dialogue 8’

How to escape from the trap? How to fight the monster of need that makes you lose your human shape, that itch that you can?t stop thinking about and makes that you dependent, a prisoner of consumption, a slave to an artificial paradise? All these questions are taken from the books of William Burroughs, a drug addict until he finally escaped the horrors of addiction at the age of 50. In his introduction to ?The Naked Lunch?, Gérard-Georges Lemaire, referring to Burroughs, wrote: "..he was wildly interested in control techniques in the widest sense, from the Maya Code, which he discovered in Mexico, to the manipulations of the mass media, the CIA and different American sects?. William Burroughs is a tireless defensor of the free will of human beings subject to all kinds of coercive systems, some totalitarian, others more subtle, more sophisticated, that take possession of the human being through perverse and intimate channels: such as desire, for example".