Hay Mish Eishi /This Is Not Living

Alia Arasoughly. 2001. Palestine. vo Arabic. s Spanish. 41’


Hay mish Eishi, features portraits of 8 Palestinian women from different social and religious backgrounds exploring how they live war and imagine peace in the profound depth of lived realities and felt pains. These are not unusual women, women leaders or exceptional women in the news media sense. They are media and theatre professionals, farming women, a cleaning woman, a boutique owner, a university student, a high school teenage girl, and housewives. These are the ordinary lives which make up the news and which the news makes invisible. They speak with passion, bewilderment, anger, rage and outrage?.they situate themselves in a life of dignity and productivity, where their lives and actions are not reduced to a bundle of fear.They speak of profound losses - of self and direction, livelihood, land, homes and family members. What they say so powerfully and directly through their hopes and wishes is that they want a life of meaning, of sharing, of giving, of routines and rituals, of loving and caring, of ordinariness with all its blessings and grace.They do not want the degrading, terrorizing drama of war