Iskay Yachay: Los dos saberes

Rodrigo Otero Heraud, Maja Tillmann Salas. 2005. Peru. vo Spanish, Quechua. 30’

v Quechua s English

This video brings us the voices and minds of Farmers from Cuzco, Peru. They explain what school they want for their children, what education is needed for life to flourish and for the strength of ancestral times to be carried over to new generations. Over the past decade the Nucleus for Andean Cultural Affirmation CEPROSI has been working in Cusco with groups of rural teachers and parents in order to attain an understanding of education and cultural diversity. The reflections they make on the way in which Andean children learn of both worlds, western and Andean, lead them to unexpected conclusions that deserve to be listened to and taken into account.