Moukabir Sawte (Noize Redistribution)

Infernal Noise Brigade. 2003. United States of America. vo English. No dialogue 15’

Tues March 25, 5:30pm. It started with an ungodly racket. Half air-raid siren and half screeching feedback, the noise pierced all ears within a half-mile radius. Diners in a restaurant on 15th Avenue wondered if Seattle was under attack. Other Capitol Hillers optimistically attributed the racket to a garden-variety fire or freeway pileup, albeit one serious enough to require the screaming attention of every ambulance and fire truck in town Meanwhile, those in The Stranger's offices gazed down onto the source of all the trouble--eight or 10 guys in sharp suits and hats, paired off on corners, where they alternately ran jumper cables to screaming siren-boxes and bleated through distorted megaphones.