On Rules and Monsters - An Introduction to Free Cooperation

Christoph Spehr, Jörg Windszus. 2006. Germany. vo English. s Spanish. 49’


“On the one hand, cooperation doesn't seem to make us free. On the other hand, living without cooperation doesn't make us free, either. How can we stay free in cooperation? What is free cooperation?” The concept of free cooperation is an attempt to base emancipation, political theory and left politics (once more) on free negotiations and equal negotiating power. Spehr doesn't believe in simple “non-hierarchical” or “free” structures - there are always rules, responsibilities, structures of decision making and so on... the question is, which ones. He insists on the option of refusal and the right of withdrawal from cooperation, as well as negotiation and renegotiation with corporate or state monsters, and explores how ideas of independence, equality, and freedom can be useful for alternative networks of learning (in or outside the institutions). To explore these issues, Spehr refers to Science-Fiction, drawing on the language of this genre which, by changing and shifting the face of reality as we know it, highlights the underlying structures of this reality. In his view, this language is a powerful vehicle to talk about possibilities, desires, emancipation and social change.