Virikuta – La Costumbre

Olivia Carrión, Miguel Grunstein, Scott S. Robinson, Carlos Saenz, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Instituto Mexicano para el estudio de las Plantas Medicinales. 1950. Mexico. 50’


The documentary Virikuta - La Costumbre allows us to accompany a group of Huichols in their annual pilgrimage to Virikuta for the ritual search for the peyote cactus, which provokes hallucinogenic effects when ingested. Before our eyes, we see a millennia-old pilgrimage as we travel with a group of men, women and children on their journey to Virikuta. The Huichols are a traditional people who maintain a mature relationship with natural elements that leads them to ecstatic states. This is a moving ritual, one of the most deeply significant living examples of the indigenous Mexican tradition.