We Live In Public

Ondi Timoner. 2009. United States of America. vo English. 89’

An extraordinary film about social networks and privacy on the Internet. Directed by Ondi Timoner, the documentary explores Josh Harris and his company Pseudo's experiences in the New York of the end of the millennium and the dot.com companies.

Harris, oftencalled the “Warhol of the Web”, founded Pseudo.com, the first Internet television network during the infamous dot-com boom of the 1990s. He also curated and funded the ground breaking project “Quiet” in an underground bunker in NYC where over 100 people lived together on camera for 30 days at the turn of the millennium. With Quiet, Harris proved how we willingly trade our privacy for the connection and recognition we all deeply desire, but with every technological advancement such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter,becomes more elusive. Through his experiments, including a six-month stint living with his girlfriend under 24-hour electronic surveillance which led to his mental collapse, Harris demonstrated the price we pay for living in public.