Yomango Tango

YoMango. 2002. Spain. vo Spanish. 7’


Yomango did its Christmas dis-shopping. What better way to celebrate the first anniversary of the Argentinean revolt than to take advantage of the generous Christmas deals at the supermarket - a supermarket that happens to have greedy tentacles reaching all the way to Latin America. The special offer on Champaign, "take 14, pay for none!" seemed particularly appealing. The next day, Yomango Tango penetrated into the head office of the Santander Bank to uncork the bottles and drink a toast to the Argentinean people. Thus they brought to the heart of the city, under a shower of Champaign, their war cry: "que se vayan todos!" - calling for all of them to go away "them" usually refers to all politicians, but here it starts with the multinational corporations and banks that suck Argentina dry.