Readings, interpretations and derivations of concepts and contents included in the archive of the Unidentified Frame Observatory - Desorg Dot Org.


Opening time windows through interpreting the archive

The notion of an accessible but isolated archive in time is of limited value. What really adds value to the archive is the potential to be read, to create meaning, to suggest cross-readings and cross-pollinations. Since the moment the first works from the archive were posted on this website with the permission of their creators, the need to engage in an online “reading”, interpretation, or reconsideration of the concepts and programs has always been present.



The Unidentified Frame Observatory aims to expand and open up the meanings contained in the project works and concepts through a series of “readings”: theme-based itineraries or interpretations of the OVNI Archives that open windows into other possibilities, through the materials compiled in the research process over the years. "Archive Readings" opens new meanings, intersections, and crossovers in the archive and in, beyond the format and original context in which the materials were included.

"Archive Readings" is a project developed for the web space, it is accessible at Desorg Dot Org since 2021. It presents a series of diagrammatic interpretations of key concepts and situations in the history of the Unidentified Frame Observatory. Through a work process in which agile expression is important, a revision of the project is established supported by the intersection with new considerations.