/ Fes Ciutat interior /

Fes, ciutat interior, fragments d'una instalació
2002, 6 hours 40 minutes.

A journey of initiation into a city and a its culture. The set of projections (10 screens) aimed to create a journey in the complex sense of the term: using audiovisual segments to illustrate aspects of the anthropological, sociological, urban and religious tissues of the city. A journey claiming both: a certain objectivity (in the working method), and the subjectivity (of the travel experience and approach to another culture).



Fes ciudad interior
2002, 31 minutes.

An initiatic journey to the inner city of Fez.



Les portes de la ciutat
2002, 10 minutes.



Mercats i carrers principals
2002, 22 minutes.



El Barri
2002, 59 minutes.



Els Artesans
2002, 14 minutes.



2002, 14 minutes.



2004, 12 minutes.

Silences and wind in the olive trees, contemplation, labyrinths and dreams.