Mooji is a Jamaican spiritual teacher, a student of Papaji (H. W. L. Poonja; student of Ramana Maharshi) and a teacher of Advaita Vedanta philosophy. Mooji was born on Friday, 29th January 1954 in Port Antonio, Jamaica to Euphemia Hamilton (Mother) an English citizen & a Jamaican father. Moojiji teaches non-dualism, self-enquiry based philosophy. His approach involves Loved based transformation, it makes him unique among the teachers of Advaita, who are often rational by approach. His teachings involve contemplating the nature of self and separating the self from phenomenon falsely associated with the self. Mooji has gathered a lot of followers through his videos on youtube. He conducts satsangs where he and students discuss spiritual concepts. Those videos are uploaded on youtube. His videos have been watched by millions

https://mooji.org/ https://mooji.org/