Originally from Paris, Pierre-André Sonolet has been based in Vancouver since 1995. Over the past two decades, his art practice has grown out of his technical training in photography, to include performance, intervention, video and installation. His works express the confrontation of human co-habiting the built environment. His recent interests have included the intersection of the photographic and the painterly, which he explores through photographing fabric; the organic pigments that partially cover the architecture form. In Parallel, he performs to investigate the “visible and the invisible through the fabric” in the urban setting. Pierre-André Sonolet has shown his creations at AC Institute [Direct Chapel], Sept 2009 in Manhattan, NY, Newformfest06, Infest 2005, and an intervention in conjunction with Live Festival, 2005, among other venues. In 2003, Sonolet was a co-founder of the artist collective, Disasteroids, and introduced and organized Cue-Up open screening nights at VIVO Media Arts Centre (2004 – 2008).