Marco Deriu, Enric Duran, François Schneider
2009. Spain. vo Spanish. 100’   on-line

Our society has been evolving towards a system based on commercialisation and globalisation, driven by competition and its dynamic of constant growth. We are nearing the limits of this growth in both natural (resource depletion and contamination) and social (injustice, inequalities, physical, psychic and moral poverty) terms, a situation which is generating conflicts on all levels, collective as well as individual... the system has reached a crisis point, a multidimensional crisis (social, economic and environmental) that puts the continuity of the current system in doubt. De-growth offers a theoretical base and a movement that brings together many different initiatives under the one umbrella, initiatives that suggest alternatives to the current system and aren’t based on constant and unlimited economic growth. It sets out to reencounter the multi-dimensional nature of human beings, to make us aware of the limits and scales of our environment, to regain control of our own decisions through autonomy and self-management as a society, to leave the dominant individualism behind and, at a broader level, to decrease production capacity and consumption, infrastructures... The initiators of the de-growth movements in Catalonia, Italy and France will present this introductory talk, offering three points of view that reflect the diversity of the movement.