Abu Ali
2016. Morocco. No dialogue 10’

“You can see a bird in flight and watch to observe it, or feel that you are flying with it. That is contemplation, becoming the other.” Hafiz.

Despite (or because of) its apparent calmness, contemplation is the state that most radically dissolves and liberates the self. Through contemplation, the other gradually seeps into us like gentle rain ... without realising it, we suddenly start to see ... the world is not outside us and nothing is lifeless ... images appear and disappear over the silence of that which has no name or form ... like the blinking of something that isn’t our eyes... perhaps then the inner teacher will appear intimately... you will recognise him because all that has withered blooms again ... then we will know that the sky can also be stone and feet can walk on clouds and ... But make sure you do not name him ... for he will vanish.

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"You can see the flight of a bird, observe it, or feel that you are flying with it. That is contemplation: to become the other."

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