Caterina Borelli

United States of America

Born in 1959, Caterina Borelli is a dual-citizen of Italy and the U.S. She has worked in radio, television, and independent film since the early 1980's. Her work includes a wide range of genres: experimental video, documentaries, and in-depth news coverage. In addition to many festivals and screenings internationally, her work has shown at the Museum of Modern Art, Pacific Film Archives, American Museum of the Moving Image, and the British Museum and is used in university's curricula.

Asmara, Eritrea
Caterina Borelli. 2007. Eritrea. 63’

Page 1/ & Page 99
Caterina Borelli. 1997. United States of America. 4’

Caterina Borelli. 1995. Italy, United States of America. 12’

The Architecture of Mud
Caterina Borelli. 1999. United States of America. vo Arabic. s Spanish. 55’