Jean-Gabriel Périot


Born in France in 1974. He directed several short movies, both in video and cinema. He develops his own editing style with archives. Between documentary, animation and experimental, most of his works deal with violence and history. His last works, including "Dies Irae", "Even if she had been a criminal…" and "Nijuman no borei", were shown worldwide in numerous festivals and were honoured by many prizes.
In 2015, his first feature documentary Une jeunesse allemande, is released and screened in over 60 festivals in the world.

Dies irae
Jean-Gabriel Périot. 2005. France. No dialogue 11’

Eut-elle ète Criminelle...
Jean-Gabriel Périot. 2006. France. No dialogue 10’

L'art delicat de la matraque
Jean-Gabriel Périot. 2009. France. No dialogue 4’

Le jour a vaincu la nuit
Jean-Gabriel Périot. 2013. France. vo French. s Spanish. 28’

Les Barbares
Jean-Gabriel Périot. 2010. France. No dialogue 5’

Nijuman no Borei (200.000 phantoms)
Jean-Gabriel Périot. 2007. France. vo English. No dialogue 10’

The Devil
Jean-Gabriel Périot. 2012. France. vo English. s Spanish. 8’

Une Jeunesse Allemande
Jean-Gabriel Périot. 2015. France, Germany, Switzerland. vo French, German. s Spanish. 93’