Jayce Salloum



Introduction to the End of an Argument: Speaking for Oneself... / Speaking for Others
Elia Suleiman, Jayce Salloum. 1990. United States of America, Palestine. vo Arabic, English. s Spanish. 41’

Untitled Part 1: Everything and Nothing
Jayce Salloum. 2001. Canada, France, Lebanon. vo French. 41’

Untitled part 2: Beauty and the east
Jayce Salloum. 1999. Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia. vo Croatian, Serbian. 51’

Untitled part 3b (as if) Beauty Never Ends
Jayce Salloum. 2002. Canada, Lebanon. vo Arabic. s Spanish. 11’

Untitled Part 4: terra (in)cognita
Jayce Salloum. 2005. Canada. vo English. 38’