Can Baz

The One Who Plays with His Life

Özay Sahin. 2004. Turkey, Germany. vo Kurdish, Turkish. 75’

v Turkish s English

v Turkish s Spanish

Can Baz is a film made from the perspective of a member of Alevi Kirmanc in East Anatolia, whose religious philosophy is expressed in the statement: What you seek, seek not in Mecca, not in Kaaba and not in Jerusalem, seek rather in yourself. The effects of the last massive annihilative attack, which began in 1994, can be refound in the example of Murat and Ahmet Öztürk, two brothers living in exile and addicted to drugs in Istanbul-Beyoglu. The film portrays their life with their band, Siya Siyabend; their friend Hasan Isik, an inhalant-sniffing street kid; and their pursuit of freedom by the wrong means.