Observatory Archives 2000




OVNI 2000 brings toughener a series of works which we hope may serve as a plural and multifaceted reflection on the notion of COMMUNITY, understood not as ideal, a closed and defined paradigm, but as a reality: spaces for social, anthropological, cultural and emotional relationships where we already find ourselves, irrespective of the acceptance, participation or conflict we develop within tem.

COMMUNITY as a key reality, often hijacked, transformed by media, caricatured by states, by markets and ideologies. The “community” in this way is separated from the necessities of day to day chores and realities. Singularities, unique people are kept from forming communities unless the declare conformity to ab identity, or pertain to a group. Instead masses od individuals are constructed, eliminating, however, whats is always alive underneath, what remains of a people, indescribable, without a nam, without boundaries, whose lack of definition gives it its force and its grace. (1)

(1) Contra el hombre Agustin Garcia Calvo. Fundació Anselmo Lorenzo. Madrid, 1996 . La Comunidad que viene. Giorgio Agamben. Pre-Textos. Valencia 1996 .


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