falling and flying / OVNI 2014

in Limbo



In Limbo

Limbo (Lat. Limbus) ~ the world between the living and the dead ~ the storage space where deleted files are sent ~ a tale by Aldous Huxley.

There is an enormous, constant, and well-organised pressure on social rights and freedoms, backed by a media apparatus that appropriates language and steals our words. Meanwhile, nature is still the source from which we extract the fuel that feeds the engines of progress for the few.

Borders spill beyond boundaries and permeate cities like the laboratory for a new totalitarian society.

Fall & Winter, Cómo robar la vida a un ser humano, Terrorisme d'Auteur, Barcelona the Dead City, Deleuze à Vincennes, Marinaleda, iPhone China, Detroit Wildlife, Barcelona panAfrica, Agustín García Calvo at Sol, Homeland Security.

Thematical screenings

Hall and Auditorium. Simultaneous Screenings

9.30pm - 11pm

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Montalegre 5. 08001 Barcelona
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Image: Pour Auguste (2010). Chantal Michel