The results

The three days in Olot were truly inspiring, and so was the arrival and stay day in Barcelona and the last day(s) before departure, because they provided the opportunity for the filmmakers to benefit from extra days to share ideas and new projects.
It was very interesting to see, for example, how one Kurdish director reasoned about her being a mother and having to combine her work and her motherhood commitments. As per her own admission she said she felt a bit ‘guilty’ because she had left her children with her mother. Yet, once in Barcelona, she realized that she was not the only one to have this dilemma, as an other participant too had left her child with her mother. This reflection actually gave way to a short video about the difficulties for women filmmakers when it comes to combine their job and their motherhood.

Once in Olot, the participants of the workshop had the time to share important moments, both of reflection and relax.
Director Elif Yigit also shared with Ovni her documentary ‘For Justice’ , about the struggle of a mother, Emine Sanyasar, who lost her two sons and husband in a violent attack in Urfa. As part of the Purple Meridians project which includes also the sharing of work by the filmmakers involved in the project, OVNI has decided to distribute the documentary, providing also for its subtitles in various languages.

The result of these two days of brainstorming were the putting the basis for two projects that would come out from the Faber Llull residency

The Grandmother’s Box
Sharing an object about Epigenetic Joy And
Las impostoras (The impostors)
Dialogue exercise for a collective movie

The first project involved the creation of a google drive and email where the participants would, in the following months.

The second project, more complex, involved a “chain-work” where three filmmakers would each produce a short video, send it to the next one in the chain who would intervene on that and send it to the next one in the chain who would also intervene.
The keywords of this second projects were creativity, impostor’s syndrome, artistic courage/dilemma, invisibility – hidden part of yourself, feminist approach, invisible labor, mental health, solidarity, ability-disability.

The idea of the second project was to present all works in the city of Diyarbakir, in 2023, to “connect” the meridians.
The difficulties (above all political, given the continuous repression of the State which targets all civil society organizations and in particular women organizations) do not at the time of writing allow the organizers to confirm that such a meeting would indeed be possible, also taking into account that general elections will take place in Turkey in the Spring of 2023.
Nevertheless, we will monitor the situation and assess the feasibility and risks of such meeting.

  • The results