Silence in the Awakening of the Worlds

If a world awakens among us,
we do not remain the same.

We have embarked on a research permanent work in progress since 2020, that will look into the silence in which certain images alter a person’s life when they collide with it, triggering a “reworking” of the stories that this life tells itself.

Some mythical images, as “commonplaces”, provide a distorting shield against realities in ruins, although they barely protect the poverty of experience, of not taking risks, of accepting the intolerable as matter-of-course. However, there are also other mythical images, which, when they arise – always in conjunction with an encounter, within a group, large or small – change the lifeblood, encourage risk, and allow us to rework the stories we tell ourselves, inviting us to connect our lives to the highest experience, and to fight for it.