Yves Courrière, real name Gérard Bon (1935 – 2012) was a French writer, biographer and journalist.

He was then sent to report in 1958 to follow the voyages of General de Gaulle to Africa, and went to countries affected by armed conflicts, civil wars or revolutions, notably in India, the Middle East, and Algeria. He covered the Algerian war and obtained the Albert Londres Prize in 1966 for his articles on Latin America.

From these events, Courrière derived a monumental work that is still being referred to, a landmark in its proximity to the end of the conflict as well as the quality of the sources he obtained. On its release, La Guerre d'Algérie was rewarded by the Prix de l'Académie françaiseand was published to more than one million copies.

In September 1971, he created the weekly magazine Historia Magazine - La Guerre d'Algérie of which he took the direction, the magazine was published by Éditions Tallandier, the last issue was published in January 1974.

In 1972, along director Philippe Monnier, he realized the first documentary devoted to the war in Algeria. This film is considered the reference on this conflict.

La Guerre d'Algérie
La Guerre d'Algérie

Yves Courrière, Philippe Monnier.

1972, France, Algeria. vo French. 154’