Dionis Escorsa started out as a painter in the early nineties, and gradually broadened the scope of his work to include photography, installations and video. His work in these fields led him towards a gradual use of audio visual language as a means of poetic and ideological activism; a narrative framework that allows him to explore the codes of representation and perception of the image through experience and memory. Thus offering lines of action in which the metaphor and the symbol always play a prominent role. In all of his video productions, where he mostly works with amateur actors exploring specific geographical contexts, Escorsa chooses a metaphorical and oneiric language that allows him to express the non linearity of thought. David Armengol.
Room Service for Bombed Buildings
Room Service for Bombed Buildings

Dionis Escorsa O'Callaghan.

2004, Serbia. vo Croatian, Serbian. 27’