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  • Virtual Nothing 2023

    Farmyard_in_Winter, BlueWillow AI V4, 2023.


    A Farmyard in Winter by GPT-3.5

    "Amidst a world of white and grey
    A farmyard sleeps in winter's sway
    The chill of frost hangs in the air
    As snowflakes fall without a care

    But stillness reigns not in this place
    For there is life in every space
    A horse stands proud with steady grace
    While sheep and cows their shelter trace

    The barn stands sturdy, firm, and strong
    A haven for the animals all along
    The smoke that rises from its roof
    Is proof that warmth and comfort's proof

    The trees stand bare, their branches bare
    Yet there is beauty everywhere
    For even in this winter scene
    The promise of spring is yet to glean

    And so we gaze upon this scene
    Of winter's hold, so calm and serene
    A farmyard in its quietude
    Reminding us of nature's mood"


    Virtual Nothing 2023

    Farmyard_in_Winter, George Henry Durrie 1858.

    Virtual Nothing 2023

    Winter Scene in New Haven, Connecticut, George Henry Durrie 1858.


    Winter in New Haven by GPT-3.5

    "In the quaint town of New Haven,
    When winter's chill had set in,
    There stood a house upon the hill,
    Where once I lived, now lost to time's spin.

    The snow was deep, the sky was grey,
    But in the warmth of home we'd stay,
    By the fire's glow, we'd read and play,
    And while away the cold, dark day.

    The windowpanes would frost and ice,
    A winter scene so still and nice,
    The town below would shine like dice,
    As if each light were a promised price.

    My parents, siblings, all were there,
    A family bond beyond compare,
    In this idyllic winter lair,
    The memories, how they still ensnare.

    But time moves on, and so did we,
    Our paths diverged, as they must be,
    Yet every winter, my thoughts take me,
    Back to that house upon the hill, carefree"


    Virtual Nothing 2023

    Winter Scene in New Haven, Connecticut, BlueWillow V4 2023.