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    A permanent work in progress since 2020.

    Reversed by Basik Kubasik since 2020
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    The Action Lab
    NASA Johnson
    Vlad Derkach
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Solar Dynamics Observatory

    What Does a 4D Ball Look Like in Real Life? Amazing Experiment Shows Spherical Version of Tesseract.mp4
    4k video of colorful liquid in space.mp4
    how to draw a circle.mp4
    Николай Басков - Вишнёвая любовь Style Korg HD.mp4
    Shadows between Spheres.mp4
    Juno mission data
    SDO data / November 2019/2020



    Down There Sessions - Vitaly Makukin
    Игорь Негода
    Marques Bronwlee
    Solar Dynamics Observatory - NASA
    SpaceWave - Cosmic Relaxation
    Screensaver Backgrounds
    Unreal Engine
    Vitaly Makukin
    Warped Perception

    38 8 liter V12 tank engine 1st run after 28 years!__(MasterMilo).
    4k Relaxing Screensaver - Retrowave Animation 60min__(MOOD LIGHTS CHANNEL).
    APACHE (Guitar instrumental)__(Geoffers47).
    Anomaly' Skillshare Class - Cinema 4D & After. Effects__(VisualDon).
    Cosmic Dreams__(VisualDon).
    El Condor Pasa (Guitar instrumental)__(Geoffers47).
    Eternal Light V2__(VisualDon).
    Eternal Light__(VisualDon).
    Howie's New Hamster Wheel__(Chris Long).
    Jet Engine Thrust Test - Fuel Experiment (Jet-A vs Diesel vs BioDiesel vs HydroD__(Warped Perception).
    Last of the Mohicans (Guitar instrumental)__(Geoffers47).
    Live @ EPFL - El Condor Pasa - Cover by Vitaly Makukin Виталий макукин - DTS #12__(Down There Sessions).
    MetaHuman Creator: High-Fidelity Digital Humans Made Easy | Unreal Engine__(Unreal Engine).
    MetaHuman Creator Early Access Out Now: Meet the Team | Unreal Engine__(Unreal Engine).
    Meet the MetaHumans - Free Sample Now Available__(Unreal Engine).
    MetaHuman Guitar test - Unreal Engine. Controlrig__(JeroenIsLive).
    Ocean Loop Skillshare Class - Cinema 4D & After Effects__(VisualDon).
    Relaxing Chillwave Ambient Mix - Music for long walks in the Night__(SpaceWave - Cosmic Relaxation).
    Relaxing Screensaver - Palm Trees Motorbike Loop__(Screensaver Backgrounds).
    Relaxing Screensaver - Retrowave Animation__(Screensaver Backgrounds).
    Relaxing Screensaver - Space Road Synthware__(Screensaver Backgrounds).
    Running Man Looping Animation__(VisualDon).
    SUN_January-February 2022__SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA).
    The Drive - 1 Hour Version__(VisualDon).
    The Last of The Mohicans (main title) - guitar COVER__(Alip_Ba_Ta).
    Retro sunset 1 hour - free dowload.
    Виталий Макукин - Полёт кондора _ El Condor Pasa__(BOUROFF).
    ГТУ-1000 турбина МЕГАВАТТНОГО класса - Пуск по простому по домашнему на ИЗИ коро__(Игорь Негода).



    Acro Yoga Sanctuary
    Dino dwet
    Hirokazu yokohara 
    James Julier Art Tutorials
    Marichka Life 
    Maxim Rediska
    Relaxation Soothing
    SDO Solar Dynamics Observatory
    Stay Creative Painting with Ryan O'Rourke
    Vlad Derkach

    Summer Wonderland (4K).
    Winter Wonderland Screensaver.
    Painting a Warm Field in the Sun with Acrylics - Paint Landscapes with Ryan.
    Painting a Realistic Landscape - Paint with Ryan.
    I just bought a 33yr old virus infected PC (Part 1_3).
    Acro Yoga Sanctuary - Level 6 Flow Intermediate.
    Acro Yoga Sanctuary - Level 3 Flow Beginners_1.
    O Holy Night (Album) • Instrumental Christmas Music.
    4k Smoke alpha channel.
    Real-time Fire Particles Overlay - Full HD Video Overlay Free Download.
    4k Golden Dust Animation Background video _ Footage _ Screensaver.
    4K Smoke alpha channel.
    Dark Cinematic Background - 100% Free Stock Footage.
    Fire Particles Background Video With Smoke Effect.
    Fire sparks with smoke 2.
    Free 4K particles pack, dust, cinematic _ 1 hour Relaxing Background.
    Golden Dust Background video _ Footage _ Screensaver.
    Real-time Fire Particles Overlay - Full HD Video Overlay Free Download.
    Snow Overlay HD _ 4K _ 8K _ 12K.
    Golden Dust Background video _ Footage _ Screensaver.
    Winter Walk Screensaver.
    Painting Space and a Galaxy with Acrylic paints in 10 Minutes!.
    Buda Ball Levitating Sphere By Flyte Review.
    HOW TO PAINT A GALAXY - Tablet Pencil painting tutorial in Procreate.
    Facial capture test using Unreal Engine, Faceware Studio and MetaHuman.
    Sculpting an Eye in Zbrush and Render it in 3ds max with V-Ray 5.
    Sun February-March 2022.
    Vlad Derkach\Фристайл & Нина Кирсо - Цветет калина Style (Cover) HD.Arpeggio5lop.
    ВЛОГ. Начался настоящий кошмар. Киев война. Не доброе утро.
    Swedish-library ambient.


    Far away guitar in the very first starting sequence by Craig Gawler: I recorded the music with my laptop while he was playing his guitar in that morning. He was not performing, just warming up in the early light of the day, I wanted to have a memory of him doing what he loves most. Then I realized his music was transporting me to the place where we all should belong and which is not in the map. Thanks Dude.




    / Formation of a Mirage

    IIT-JEE and NEET Physics
    Ray Optics Formation of Mirage due to Total Internal Reflection for IIT-JEE and NEET Physics.

    / Velocity of Image

    IIT-JEE and NEET Physics
    Ray Optics Velocity of Image of Spherical Mirror in terms of Object,image Position for JEE and NEET.

    / In the Human Maze

    The Secret Life of my Hamster

    Movement Animset Pro - Unreal Engine 4
    Hamster Minecraft Maze

    / Puzle Colors

    Code Bullet
    푸드킹덤 Food Kingdom
    Marcello Barenghi

    A.I. Solves a 100 x 100 Rubik's Cube
    Amazing mass production! Cake Factory Manufacturing Video BEST6  Korean Food
    Drawing my Rubik's Cube - time lapse
    THE LARGEST RUBIKS CUBE IN THE WORLD 19x19 unboxing and review

    / Summer Solstice 2020

    Ken Abbott
    Solar Dynamics Observatory

    Seasons - Diagram 2 - Summer Solstice (6_21)
    Solar Dynamics Observatory Data: June 2020.

    / Winter Solstice 2020

    Ken Abbott
    Solar Dynamics Observatory

    Seasons - Diagram 3 - Winter Solstice - 12/21
    Solar Dynamics Observatory Data: December 2020.