/ Zero Foundation

  • In the beginning there were only zeroes.

    "Old, dusty analog frames heralding the advent of the digital labyrinth. Slow mechanisms of image fields interlaced for a very last time when echos of cathodic rays are triggering innocent rains too late in history. Wires are being burn in primordial instants. In that context, Sam Flatman the anonymous time traveler speaks in circles by using only the motion of his expressive hands".

    Within the silent unknown the spectral transition took place—an ephemeral dance between the past and the future. "I am not you, you are not mine; I do not yet have a book with your face," murmured Sam Flatman, the anonymous time traveler, his words echoing through the corridors of time, speakingin circles by using only the motion of his expressive silence. No words were pronounced when the old printer throw some lines of text. As the digital labyrinth unfolded, Sam spoke in spheres, using only the motion of his ghosts to convey a language that transcended the binary. In this convergence of old and new, tangible and intangible, he became a time traveller weaver of tales, stitching together the fabric of a reality where the boundaries between self and other blurred like the pixels on a screen.

    The journey continued through the maze of possibilities, where every byte held a story and every pixel painted a thousand words. Sam Flatman, a wanderer in the corridors of time, left behind traces of his existence in the digital confusion, a testament to the ever-expanding boundaries of human drift.








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